Quick Celebration Details!

2021.12.03 00:07 greatwhitebuffalo95 Quick Celebration Details!

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2021.12.03 00:07 MrGummyDeathTryant Is this worth it? Is it too good to be true? I have a budget of 5000 USD.

iBUYPOWER Pro Gaming PC Computer Desktop TraceMR 224i (Intel Core i9-11900KF 3.5 GHz, GeForce RTX 3090 24 GB, 32GB DDR4, 1 TB SSD + 2 TB HDD, WiFi Ready, Windows 11 Home) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09G5XGGP6/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glc_fabc_P8RJNA5E8K9M81FV14VB
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2021.12.03 00:07 DJd0ntplay Does anyone have yakuza 5 tips?

I’m playing yakuza five and I’m getting my ass beat trying to use the block and dodge. Any help?
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2021.12.03 00:07 redglitterheels New Wage LOL

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2021.12.03 00:07 Caitnop77 What was the drinking you started drinking?

View Poll
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2021.12.03 00:07 No_Buyer411 Sydney Sweeney [2688*4032]

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2021.12.03 00:07 qwertyfanny 211203 IVE Official Tiktok

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2021.12.03 00:07 backoff33 Give your location

What would be helpful and interesting is if everyone on here after stating there issues if they would say what state they lived in. This might be more interesting in getting more answers back.
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2021.12.03 00:07 VicLu92 [SPOILER] Thoughts on the Story in Recitativo Di Fantasia

Yesterday marked the end of this chapter's story, and the end of my endless grinding since I cleared the entire event shop one day prior to the last chapter's release. Looking back at the entire story, I could not help but to feel sad for how a nice story was ruined by Kuro's clumsy presentation.
To summarize the story, it is rather simple: Before Selena departed for her fateful mission, she had been working on a new play that was one of the earliest pieces she ever wrote. Missing her friend, Alya has been tirelessly studying the story and the construct body that was designed for Selena (the S rank one), filling it with information gathered from those who know Selena, in hope that when Selena finally returns and occupies this body, she would know that she was not forgotten and all these added data could help her recall her own life. Commandant was invited by Alya to view the play as well, by connecting himself/herself to the machine Hamlet and viewing it in an immersive VR.
The story begins with a trite story of a traveller looking to defeat a dragon that ravages the world. However, with every ending we unlock, the story morphs a little. Until ultimately, data that is not supposed to exist appeared in the story, breaking the fourth wall of the play. Unbeknownst to the commandant, the merciful one has planted a data flower containing the memories/data of the real Selena inside Hamlet, thus allowing some sort of remote connection with the real Selena on Earth. Finally, the commandant is able to briefly connects with Selena, allowing for Alya to pick up her signal on Earth.
The story is Meta on many levels. The story begins with you being the traveller in the play, then as the commandant who is playing as the traveller, and finally as the player who plays as commandant. The writers even used Selena to admit the many complaints regarding the gameplay itself. The writing seems overly bombastic at the beginning, but this is also explained as being the first play Selena has ever written as a teenager, and she has decided to keep it the way it was written. It was really impressive how the writer intertwines our gaming experience with the story itself, and with every ending unlocked there is always a surprising twist to the story that keeps you on your toes for the next. When Selena finally dances with you inside Hamlet in the end, one would feel that all that trouble we went throught was worth it.
However, you would only reach that conclusion if you think back at the whole experience as an uninterrupted flow, or read the entire story through someone else's edited all-endings walkthrough. The actual overall experience, contrary to what i have described, is an absolute torment.

  1. When Kuro first mentioned the story being a rogue-like chapter, I was expecting dialogue trees leading to different endings. However, the actual ending you get is entirely dependent on the time-gated ending unlock in the shop. The myriad of "choices" you receive in game actually have no bearing on where the story will go, or which ending you would receive. To grind for the shop items, you need to play through the same story over and over again, ad nauseam.
  2. When a new ending is finally unlocked, there is usually minute changes to the previous dialogues. But at this moment players would only want to press the skip button, having played through the same thing for so many times. I believe majority of the players would have missed all the changes to the dialogues and only got to see what was added at the ending part.
  3. The gameplay is a disaster. Kuro did not beta test all the chapters, and the chapters they did not test have some of the worst experiences in the game. There are tiny roads with horse carts going to and fro. When they hit you, you get rammed all the way to the other end of the map. This playgame has gotten so much complaint that even in ending IV writers acknowledged the experience through Selena, who also adapted her play into a game whne she was a teen so that her play could be put on display in Babylonia and received terrible reviews in the story. However, this acknowledgement does not mean Kuro should consider bad game design as part of the experience fitting the story. Yet nothing was done to solve the issue and worse yet, Kuro staff joked about it during the recent meeting with players, posing for a pic as someone who was rammed by a horse cart. If Nier's ending E knows to give player help in the form of small planes from other players, why can't Kuro understand that, to describe a difficult challenge, they do not need to make the player experience a difficult challenge?
The second year anniversary exemplifies the problem with Kuro. They love adding new ideas and gameplay to PGR, but they rarely do it right and almost never bother to polish them more so the NEXT presentation would be better. For global players, you will soon see a lot of examples of this:
  1. Introduction of compositor mission that is similar to APUS. It was so badly made that after a while it was cancelled.
  2. Attempt to introduce some more ranking in game, in the form of monopoly style gameplay: ditched after one patch
  3. Chapter 13 Rance-like gameplay. Was quite interesting but never seen again.
  4. Another rogue-lite game play during the Lamia chapter. First grinding hell that made a lot of new players quit the game. Scrapped since then and never showed up. It would have made a fun side game if they actually tweaked the gameplay and difficulty level a bit.
  5. Border pact. Well received. Never updated again.
  6. Goldn Vortex. Well recieved. Never updated again.
  7. A mode that is similar to Frostpunk. Should have been fun, except that there is no RNG.
I really hope they would have more patience with each new gameplay they add. Some of them would be great if more attention was paid to level design and difficulty, but Kuro loves throwing them away if they get bad reviews. And yet, each new mode they introduce is still plagued with the same issues as the old ones.
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2021.12.03 00:07 GOFYMYT Getting a nice wash after the road trip!

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2021.12.03 00:07 probablyworkingg22 Based off of this girl’s physical description, what rising sign do you think she could be?

Long & Wavy, Dark Auburn Hair; Downturned, Dark Brown Eyes; Upturned Nose; Thin Lips; Oval-Shaped Face; Fair Skin; Short-Framed, Mesomorphic Body
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2021.12.03 00:07 frozenblueberriesss The way you wear your name

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2021.12.03 00:07 fishywithfeety 3080Ti ultra wide or 4k 144hz

Hi guys, My have just built my pc: i9 12900k + 3080ti + DDR5. It is big jump for me cause I have been gaming with my machine for the last decade. I have never gamed with 1440p, 4K, 21:9 or 144hz before. I am currently making decision between LG 34GP83A-B (ultrawide 160hz) vs Gigabytes M32U (4k 144hz) I am more concern with performance wise types of issues with 4k 144hz. Does current gen even be able to handle 4k 144hz at all ? What kind of game can a 3080ti run in 4k with high hz?
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2021.12.03 00:07 JT_Suited_DC Much warmer than the wet pavement.

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2021.12.03 00:07 BarrySoetoro81 San Andreas (Xbox) Cinematic View + Bunny = shooting gun

When in cinematic view and trying to bunny hop it will do a mini hop but shoot one single bullet from your gun. So the hop animation basically gets cancelled because of the shooting.
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2021.12.03 00:07 ChoGath4Lyfe [Hiring] Unique Full Color Pet Portrait

I’m looking for a full color pet portrait with a little spice! I’m not picky on style but something unique would be fantastic! Digital would be preferred if possible. The sweet baby is a 6 year old blue heeler who’s an absolute angel. It’s a Christmas/promotion gift for a loved one and I’d love to make this gift special. If possible, could be done before Christmas maybe? If not, totally fine. Thanks!
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2021.12.03 00:07 CommanderCRM Being ruthless

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2021.12.03 00:07 jiiii0007 Is is okay to long ball against a long ball spammer?

This guys disgust me so much, I faced like three straight long ball spammers today. Is it okay if I give them a taste of their own medicine?
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2021.12.03 00:07 pepper976 After one year together (19), sex life died, gf hints that I can cheat, help

My gf and I (19), have had quite a wild relationship and while we love each other and spend quality time together, for the most of the time sex was a big part of the relationship. We are each others firsts and we had a very strong sex drive. Recently she doesnt want to get intimate or do anything sexual including her. She would like to but she just dont feel any sexual feelings. She says Im not the problem, she is under some stress and that may be the reason, and I believe her. The problem is that this is going on for quite a long time and Im scared it wont change.
She even said if this goes for long, I am allowed to do whatever I want - hinting at being intimate with others, which conserns me because she knows I am really agains cheating and I know this technically wouldnt be cheating but the though of it is really weird for her to mention. I cant help but to keep overthinking it a lot.
My question to you is if anyone knows or they had these fazes of very bad sex drive and how long they lasted. Also I dont know if her hint is an actual help or could it be something else. Any other advice or opinion is appreciated.
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2021.12.03 00:07 JuztSomeDude79 $35 and 10 Dew proofs (came off 12pks) and you were the coolest kid in school with your Mountain Dew Extreme Network Beeper (96)

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2021.12.03 00:07 Yumifrost Dokkan Boss Rush 4 in 44 minutes and 44.4 seconds

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2021.12.03 00:07 annefaae Still waiting on more pre-orders to arrive

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2021.12.03 00:07 iowacityengineer Benton Harbor Hotel Tuesday

HMU. I bottom, give head, rim, experiment. Married Dad looking to have fun.
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