What was your shortest relationship?

The planets Saturn (top) and Jupiter (with Galilean moons visible) seen behind the Mary statue on the Golden Dome. The orbits of the two planets overlap and visually appear to nearly merge in what is known as The Great Conjunction. In 1921, when he was 39 years of age, Franklin Delano Roosevelt contracted an illness characterized by: fever; protracted symmetric, ascending paralysis; facial paralysis; bladder and bowel dysfunction; numbness; and dysaesthesia. The symptoms gradually resolved except for paralysis of the lower ext … What was the meaning and importance of the transfiguration? Why was Jesus transfigured while He spoke with Moses and Elijah? One of the most diverse and versatile engineering fields, mechanical engineering is the study of objects and systems in motion. As such, the field of mechanical engineering touches virtually every aspect of modern life, including the human body, a highly complex machine. It was a huge two days for HRC after what was another below-par season during 2021. Despite the setback of Marc Marquez’ (Repsol Honda Team) enforced absence, on the whole, it seemed that Honda ... Journal Reports: Year in Review Politics Was Supposed to Return to Normal in 2021. What Happened? Neither party is strong enough to impose its will, while ideological polarization has made ... Articles What is AI? I get many email inquiries about what artificial intelligence is all about. This is a first attempt at answering them on a layman's level or beginning student's level. What is it like to buy a Lobster from the grocery store seafood section and keep it in a saltwater aquarium at home as a pet? This video shows you just how this went. Posted By Ghost When Amanda Moore lost her job, she decided to go undercover in MAGA land, attending QAnon events and CPAC, hanging with neo-Nazis and “blood-and-soil fascists,” and palling around with Proud ... Related Articles What is the hidden manna mentioned in Revelation 2:17? Why is a bronze serpent used to save the Israelites in Numbers 21:8-9? What should we learn from the walls of Jericho falling down?

2022.01.16 19:25 mustpresson7 What was your shortest relationship?

Not including short lived HS relationships. And why did it end?
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2022.01.16 19:25 Independent_Year_655 Mystery Breaker popping issue. Need help understanding how to fix this issue.

Alright Let me get you a run down of the situation, I just moved into a brand new home in the us, starter home basically, 4 bed room put up cheap and quick.
Either way The breaker in my bedroom is popping. for no reason. this breaker is labeled as "bedroom 2" with seemingly no other rooms outlets connected. It has popped 7 times, every time it has popped someone was using the Bathroom across the house, not connected to same breaker, or close in the house. only bedroom 2 breaker pops, and only when that bathroom is being used. not every time it is used. but if it pops, someone is in there.
This includes my self using that bathroom, I've taken a shit in it, came back to breaker popped, or taken a shower in there and come back to breaker popped, nothing is plugged in, in that bathroom, and it has 1 gfci outlet in it.
on bedroom 2 breaker, when turned back on it says arc fault, I do not have substantial load in bedroom, 1 pc, 2 monitors, 2 chargers, that's all that's plugged in.
The breaker has already been replaced, electrical work in under warranty because the house is new. they said they fixed it by replacing the breaker, They have not.
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2022.01.16 19:25 Dependent_Chemist_96 Crazy bored so looking to chat [chat] 30m

Good evening, I'm bored out of my mind, so ill once again try to find someone interesting to talk to. I'm on the eastern shore of Maryland, it'd be cool to talk with someone who I might be able to meet some day. Open minded as far as discussion topics go. I enjoy cooking, reading, anime, surfing, and hiking/camping
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2022.01.16 19:25 rkorbz What age did the majority of your peers get married?

I’m also curious about what decade this was and how long they knew each other prior to marriage if you know. Also, feel free to answer with your own experiences!
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2022.01.16 19:25 LunetteVonL00n Happy *HONKIN* Slippery Sunday! It’s turning into a winter wonderland here in Tennessee! I hope you have a safe and happy Sunday! friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life. I’ll be on YOUR side forever more! Don’t forget to smile this clown loves you!😘💨💕

Happy *HONKIN* Slippery Sunday! It’s turning into a winter wonderland here in Tennessee! I hope you have a safe and happy Sunday! friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life. I’ll be on YOUR side forever more! Don’t forget to smile this clown loves you!😘💨💕 submitted by LunetteVonL00n to clown [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 19:25 sorcererinslytherin Lower Speakers Completely Cutting Out?

Hi all, I just got my new computer and paid a pretty penny for it. I'm not a huge computer person, so I won't be able to answer many specification questions, but I've been having an issue where the loweback speakers completely cut out. I'll be in the middle of a discord call and suddenly can only hear friends very mildly through the front speakers. No bass, no surround sound WHATSOEVER. I know people were having popping sounds with their back speakers, but no one mentioned it completely cutting out.
I bought this computer at the end of November. It happened on 12/16 and 12/23 and 1/12 and again, twice, now. No real commonality on the problem. I was thinking it may be a self-save feature where it kicks out the back speaker to save battery or to stop from overheating, but it seems every time I'm doing something wildly different.
Has anyone else had this happen? I may be out of my return window now. Computer runs like a dream other than that, but it's getting really aggravating. It'll fix it if I disable and reenable the drivers and then restart the computer.
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2022.01.16 19:25 lookforsilverlinings I'm convinced that all the adults in Bing's world were wiped out in some horrible war by Flop's people, who were so sorry about the atrocity that they adopted the orphans as their own.

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2022.01.16 19:25 WakeUpOutaYourSleep Better Artist: DJ Spit vs The Boss

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2022.01.16 19:25 bucket--bot use OCR to

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2022.01.16 19:25 Knario1954 Weird_Things

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2022.01.16 19:25 cyberslut03 drinking and having a good Sunday (f19) 🥂

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2022.01.16 19:25 iDontLoveBigBrother Ghislaine Maxwell "will no longer fight to keep names of John Does secret"

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2022.01.16 19:25 Whey-Men 'She was a light in a dark place': Carolyn Suman educated, befriended state prison inmates

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2022.01.16 19:25 InevitableDeath13 The Ritual (2017)

Just watched and have to say I enjoyed it very much
The 'monster' was interesting and very intriguing, the movie did a well slow build on showing the creature and after seeing it multiple times it still fascinates me. There was a couple times I looked away for a minute due to my short attention span, but was still enjoying it.
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2022.01.16 19:25 Zavke The God Emperor and His Golden bean bag

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2022.01.16 19:25 adamwithacharge_ [homemade] Breakfast Sandwich

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2022.01.16 19:25 granny-j Just got my nose stud switched out for a hoop- irritated bump!

Had my nose pierced since beginning of November and went to a piercer to get it changed yesterday. It’s irritated and a bump formed- should I change it back to the flat back stud or leave it for now?
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2022.01.16 19:25 Screamerjoe This guy knows my real first name which is on my twitch (same as IGN)....

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2022.01.16 19:25 itsahalochannel 3 pictures, let’s hear your best guess!

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2022.01.16 19:25 w4lkinthesun no tits no ass no personality

just me and my silly little spotify playlists against the world 😪💔
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2022.01.16 19:25 KnightTheOne Help - what is this movie?

A couple of years ago I saw a thriller movie. If I am not mistaken it was about many different people going (being called?) to an old hotel which was not in use anymore. They were all sorts of people, and I think the thriller part was that one of them murdered another one of the invitees. I really don't recall much, but remember it was a great movie and I should rewatch it. Of course I forgot the title. I also remember that the movie was quite diverse it featured a black and an aussie(!) character that had a strong aussie accent and played an important role somehow. Could you help me identify the movie?
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2022.01.16 19:25 N0b0dy_her3 Anyone know what happened with Luminosity?

Shift put out a rumor a while ago that Atomik, Tox, & eekso would be picked up by Luminosity Gaming, but the closed quals have finished & the team is still called “TEA”. Are they just saving the announcement until the EU Regional?
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2022.01.16 19:25 gettin_sillly Who is this scrog guy everyone’s talking about?

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2022.01.16 19:25 DarkStarStorm Queen Marchesa stax advice

Does anyone want to take a shot at optimizing it/recommending a different deck based on the field? It's putting up decent results; but it doesn't feel like a real deck to me.
My meta consists of Gitrog, Kess Storm, Najeela, and Winota Stax. It stomps Najeela and Winota.

Gameplan: Break Smokestax parity with creatures that create tokens and then use them to beatdown while opponents are starved on resources.

Combo: [[Helm of Obedience]] + [[Rest in Peace]] or [[Leyline of the Void]] (target the opponent who is staying afloat amid the lockdown.

Commander: A lot of decks are almost incapable of taking the monarchy. Marchesa capitalizes on that to apply cheap answers while dropping stax pieces.

I have no budget and I am willing to change anything about the deck.
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2022.01.16 19:25 damo94 Australian love letter to Novak Djokovic

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